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an intervention in public space


1. Soldier and Sailor Monument, Cape Crystal (Khrustalny)
2. Monument to Komsomol Courage, Fortitude and Loyalty (Lenin Komsomol Square)
3. Monument to Catherine II
4. Monument to the Black Sea Fleet Scouts
5. Monument to Admiral Nakhimov
6. Stairs to the Lenin Monument

Beings with arms and legs, and yet they are hardly akin to people, because they have not got heads. They can’t see, only their arms and legs have contact with the world. They travel in magnificent cars, make appearances in public places, and lay flowers at memorials. Silent beings in full-length garments are not perceived as “ordinary people”, even though they are polite and obey the rules. You may not arrest them for breaking the law, and yet their very presence evokes both fear and hilarity at the same time, and perhaps – in a particular way – a breach in public order.